Open Programs
All Levels – All Ages


Children's Choir directed by Christina Montalto
Children between the ages of 8-13 will be able to participate in daily rehearsals learning the essentials of choir singing. Participants will be exposed to music reading, ear training, and techniques of using the voice. We will explore different styles and genres of music while singing in harmony and having a lot of fun. The week will end with a concert of all prepared materials. Minimum of 6 participants.
Rock Ensemble directed by Vincent Muscarella
Want to play like a rock star? Classical music sure is fun, but we are bringing you the best of Rock 'n' Roll! Daily rehearsals will consist of jamming and recreating your favorite Rock songs, learning classic tunes and solos we all know and love. Learn to play your instrument within a rock band setting and gain your star power with a concert at the end! Your own instrument is required, but experience is not.
Chamber Ensemble
For those looking to play and participate in a Chamber Music Ensemble - look no further. Here you will be able to play your instrument with others bringing Classical pieces to life. Basic knowledge of your instrument is desired, but your love of learning and performing is all you'll need. Rehearsals will culminate with a concert of all pieces learned.
Festival Chorus directed by LeAnn Overton
Open to all festival participants and community members. Rehearsals will be held Monday through Friday of Festival Week and a dress rehearsal with instruments will precede the Festival Concert on Saturday, August 6.
Community Voice Workshop
Monday, Wednesday and Friday chorus members from the community can participate in small group workshops lead by LeAnn Overton, Barbara Fusco and other voice faculty that will focus on breath for easier singing, physical freedom to enable better vocal production, and exploring the song to give a stronger more confident performance. Each chorus member will be offered a mini-voice lesson with a voice faculty member.

Tuition for Ensembles: $60.00 (CA) per student; $50.00 (CA) per individual for Festival Chorus (includes Community Workshops and individual mini-voice lesson). Rehearsals one hour every day (Monday - Friday), one concert.

Ensembles will be held at the Moulin Bernier in Courcelles and Église St-Vital in Lambton.


Woodwind and Brass with Samantha Clarke
Learn and expand your knowledge of all woodwind and brass instruments. This includes Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba. Lessons can be scheduled and tailored to your needs. Your own instrument is required, but experience is not. A love of learning and a desire to play is definitely a plus!
Guitar - Electric and Classical with Guitar Faculty
Learn and expand your knowledge of Guitar, Electric and Classical. Lessons are one-on-one and can be tailored to fit your schedule and needs. Your own instrument is required, but experience is not. A love of learning and a desire to play is definitely a plus!
Strings with Dale Stuckenbruck and String Faculty
String Lessons include, but are not limited to, Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. No experience is necessary, but one's own instrument is required. Lessons can be tailored to fit your needs and schedule and are sure to be inspiring. Bring your inner virtuoso to life with lessons to expand your technique and playing ability.
Voice lessons – Valérie Bélanger and Voice Faculty
Learn the basics of voice technique and expand the quality of your natural instrument. The essentials of breathing, placement and repertoire will be covered in each lesson. Lessons can be scheduled to your liking and tailored to your needs. No experience necessary, just a desire to sing!

Tuition for Individual Lessons: $275.00 (CA), total of five (5) lessons scheduled Monday to Friday, 60 minutes each. Concert Sunday, August 7.

If you would like to take less than five (5) lessons, individual lessons can be arranged for $60.00 (CA) for a 60 minute lesson. Please contact Christina Montalto to arrange for less than five lessons or to get more information about this option.

Lessons will be held at the Moulin Bernier in Courcelles and Église St-Vital in Lambton.


French Repertoire Master Class
Master classes on French repertoire will be given by soprano Valérie Bélanger. The master classes will focus on diction and expression through the language, not on vocal technique. These master classes will be open to any voice student wishing to perform and improve their French skills, as well as to the general public as auditors.
Twenty minutes will be allotted per participant, for a maximum of six students per master class.
The class will be held August 1 at 2 pm in the chapel of Église St-Vital in Lambton.
There is a possibility of three master classes during the week, depending on demand.
French Classes
Soprano Valérie Bélanger, a native of Lambton, will offer French language lessons to any Festival participant (singers, instrumentalists, teachers and students alike) interested in improving their knowledge of the language. Lessons will cover basics of grammar, syntax and vocabulary and focus on subjects useful in daily life and will also address musician-specific vocabulary and situations. These lessons will help participants interact with the local community with more ease, introduce their pieces during concerts and get a better understanding of the French-Canadian culture.
Class will be held from 9 to 9:50 am in the rectory of Église St-Vital in Lambton every day from Saturday, July 30 to Saturday, August 6.
There is a possibility of more than one group, depending on the number of subscriptions and levels. Minimum of four students per group.

Tuition for Classes:
Master classes: $20.00 (CA) per class for performers; $10.00 (CA) per class for auditors (free for Festival students or with a Festival Pass); French Classes: $80.00 (CA) per student

For more information please contact Christina Montalto at